Thursday, March 31, 2011

Differences between the English Book Cover and the German Book Cover 
 The cover of the english disbursement from the book 'The Giver'. This Version is more difficult to interpret, because it's not clear which person the old man and the young boy symbolize. I think the old man is Jonas as the old 'Receiver of Memories'. Like in the book explained with a beard and with light eyes. Like Jonas does. The young boy is Jonas before his assignment and before he knew that he is the chosen one. Both of them distend their hands in front of the other. Their position looks like a defending. Both characters can not work together. In the past they were One, but now they are splitted. These are extremes and they push off. The light which comes from the righthigh angle shines on both characters. At least i think this cover is at the first view not easy to understand. For understanding and interpreting this cover you have to read the book, because this two persons don't say something about the book's action.


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  1. Marco,
    this is an interesting view. I had always thought the old man was the Giver and the boy Jonas... but I guess your idea is another possible interpretation. Good thinking.

    English, such as German, a Turkish, as French... are all spelled with a capital first letter!
    at first sight = auf den ersten Blick