Thursday, March 24, 2011

characterization of some characters

- Jonas' best friend
- sometimes he is scatterbrained
- hasty und fun-loving boy
- speaks very fast and forgets words
- is assigned to the position of Assistent Director of Recreation

- another friend of Jonas
- red haired, only Jonas can see it
- patient and has good manners
- caretaker in the house of the old
- is part of Jonas erotic dream

I read more than till chapter 12, that's why i have more informations about this characters here.

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  1. Marco, that is cool that you continue reading. I hope that this means you like the book and that you find it not too difficult to read all along in English.

    I think it's nice too also pay attention to the flat characters in the book since they are important to Jonas and the story as well. Do you think that Jonas' friendship with Asher and Fiona might change throughout the story? Perhaps you might have an idea to write a little more about their relation?! I think that you would be able to fill quite a gap of information about this in the book. Think about it - perhaps you have the chance to write a text instead of only notes then? I'd really appreciate that!