Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Differences between the English Book Cover and the German Book Cover
This cover belongs to the german version of the book 'The Giver
In the background you can see Jonas - The Receiver of Memories - in grey, black und white. Beside him there are mountains in blue, white and black. Behind it you see the red shining sun. In the middle of the picture are Jonas' eyes. The eyes are like cut from newspaper and pasted into the drawn picture. The rest of Jonas' face is very vacant. No emotions, no feelings, no mimic. All colours around the eyes are very cold and procure loneliness, coldness and helplessness. The eyes symbolize the warm, emotional and friendly person. You can see the glint in Jonas' eyes. The colorless face in the front is what all people of the community see when they look at the 'Receiver of Memories'. Nobody sees the person behind. jonas is imprisoned in his own body. He can not act like he wants. - Later on this day i will post the analysis of the cover from the english version of this book.



  1. Thank you for your analysis of the German book cover. I did not know this cover. It's interesting to take a look at the differences of the covers and what thes tell us about the book and the reception in the different countries. Your analysis takes a lot of facts into consideration that you know from reading about two thirds of the book by now. The German cover actually seems more interesting to me than the cover we hae on our versions.
    I think there are still some other covers from countries around the world, since this book is a besteller around the world. Perhaps you enjoy creating your own cover in the end as well?!

    PS: Next to him / in the background...

  2. Nice idea to compare the covers. I think the content of your specifications are very well! Me enjoy the german cover better,too ;) What's actually your opinion?