Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Summary of the first chapter

The first chapter stars with a monologue by the main protagonist Jonas. He wants to discribes his feelings but he doesn't know how. He thinks at first that he is frightened, but later he identifies his feelings as apprehensive. At the light evening meal the family cultivate theif ritual to speak about feelings and emotions at this day. His 7 years old sister begins to speak about a problem with guests in the childcare center. After her statement the parents explain her the situation of integration into new and unknown groups. Lily appreciates it. Then it is father's turn and mother's turn. They have similar problems at their work. At least Jonas speaks about his apprehensive feelings because of the Ceremony of Twelve. The reaction: His parents want to talk more privatly with him about this happening..

Now i read the chapters 3-5 ;)

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