Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Characterization of Jonas' father

Jonas’s father is a special character in this novel besides his son and ‚‚The old Receiver of Memories‘‘ , who seems to handle with important decisions and all emotions. Although Jonas’s father does not know about memories which can only see Jonas and The Giver insight into relationships and feelings, he shows many of the valued devices of humanity and sameness in the community.
Because of his job as a nurturer he has a deep connection to babies and so to the beginning of life in the community. He does not care only for the babies, he thinks about these babies in future. Actually he does not like the hollow word ‘’Love‘’, he means that feelings and emotions have been shown by relations and treatments. He cares especially for the new children named Gabriel. He brings him home every night to assure him against the banishment. When babies are released he feels a bit of guilty. His job is to give the babies a good entrance to their life and it is important for their future, also it is important for the community.
At least you can say that Jonas's father is the product of the society. Living in normally circumstances is easier and a kind like living with own values. But having grown up in a society where a release is the end resolution Jonas’s father can not access the deeper feelings that might be available to him.

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  1. Marco,

    you give a lot of information about JOnas' father. I agree with you that he is another very important chacter in the book. You catch his actions, thoughts and situation very well. I would be interested in how Jonas' father would be in a "normal" society that would leave him some space for his own feelings...

    Only a few things that you should consider:
    - you can't "see" memories; here's an idea to change the sentence slightly: memories which are only shared by the Giver and Jonas
    - he especially cares for the NEWCHILD (singluar!) Gabriel
    - to assure he is not banished
    - to feel -- guilty
    - check for the difference of "entrance" and "start" and think about what fits best in the context you use the words.