Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Book review

'The Giver' is a fantasy-/science-fiction novel, whichis written by Lois Lowry.
It was released in 1993.
The main protagonist in this book is Jonas, who lives with his family in a small town which is controlled and silent. At the beginning his world seems normal. He goes to school, he meets his friends and lives his own life.
Every year there is a ceremony in december where everybody is assigned. The young children are assigned to their families, the 9 year old children get their bikes and the 'Ceremony of Twelve' is the most important moment in their young life. All children are assigned to a job and as from now they are like in a apprenticeship.
Jonas is assigned as Receiver of Memories, as The Giver.
His Life changes now and he gets a trainer. He teaches him in all things he has to do. He also gets information about the beautiful aspects of life which are kept away from all people of the community. The bad aspects like war, enviousness or badness, too.
With this lore he can not work further on his task and he makes a plan with his trainer..
In my opinion this book is adapted for the English class. In general this book is good to be read by pupils. The content of 'The Giver' makes the reader contemplative. The reader can interpret every happening in an other way and can comepare his community with Jonas' community.
The open ending is another clue for Lois Lowry's ambition to let the reader look more critical on systems and structures in our community.

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  1. First of all, the word in English is "book review". Please refrain from signposting. I know Germans love this kind of "Schnitzeljagd", but don't do it in these kind of texts. Don't say what you are going to do - just DO it!!

    A review has also to contain your opinion on the book. Please take this into consideration when finishing the review.