Wednesday, April 20, 2011


The idea of creating a blog is very good, I think. It was more than an alternation to have our lessons in the 'normal' rooms. More exciting, more informative.But one thing disturbes me. I do not think that it is good to give this blog a bigger attention than our class tests. To my mind the written work is higher to establish than the work on this blog. Every 'idiot' can write good english and can copy some texts from pages you do not find. The timing was good, because I can organize my whole day, although it was a bit stressful to post every post in time for the next lesson. As you can see in my blog I post averaged-big texts because of my time-problem. Maybe this problem explains my bad oral cooperation in the 'Blog-Time'.
Conclusion: At least I think creating a blog is a good idea, but not practicable in the secondary grade two. In the first secundary grade English is a main subject and pupils focuse more on the basic subjects. Anyhow I hope that this little critique does not have a bad effect on my mark.

Marco Weinhold

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  1. Marco,
    thank you for your evaluating (final) post. I'm glad you consider it a "good time" we spent on the book and your autonomous work on the blogs. I'm curious about finding some -as you call it - "idiot" - who copied things. I will make sure with the other teachers and parallel classes that people have actually been working, so no worries. Thank you for your comment anyway - I know it's not the easiest bit to now mark all your blogs..